To play any of the below quests, download the quest file and place it in the "quests" folder of your Ascii Sector game directory. You can then load the quest by pressing 'Q' while landed in the game.

For information about making your own quests, please consult the Quest Maker's Manual in the "quests" folder of your game directory (or download it here).

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Title: Kilrathi Hunt
Author: Christian Knudsen

This quest is an example quest to demonstrate most features available in the quest scripting syntax. The source file contains comments that help explain how the script syntax functions, as well as the logic behind using variables, timers and triggers.

Title: Saturnus in Trouble

A group of pirates are planning on seizing a refinery for the mass production of pirate vessels. Your help is needed to stop them before they succeed. My first attempt at making a quest. Enjoy!

Title: Halfway Cat-Away
Author: Flyboy

The Confederation needs help testing a new cruiser that could turn the tide of the war...

Title: Hitman ASCII Sector
Author: VincentFirePony

A Hitman themed quest. Scour the quadrants for your targets and eliminate them for "The Agency". Beware though, someone is watching you...

Title: A Lady in Trouble - Part 2
Author: Quaker2k9

Sequel to "A Lady in Trouble." If you've enjoyed the first part, then you'll probably like this one too. Having finished the first part isn't mandatory, but recommended.

Title: The Runners
Author: Cthulhu

This quest was inspired by a Sci-Fi movie (look at the title, and no, it's not "The Running Man"), and it has a good deal of references to other science fiction books, movies, and computer games. It will take you across the galaxy in a deadly hunt for the Runners. I've made it so it won't necessarily add anything to your criminal record, if you are careful.

Title: A Lady in Trouble
Author: Quaker2k9

Part One of a story that will make the player meet intriguing characters, dangerous enemies and a lot of action and surprises.

Title: Shootout at OK Corral
Author: Flyboy

This is the second quest in the series by me. To play this quest, you will first have to complete Kilrathi Intrusion, the first in the series. In this quest, the player is sent on a dangerous commando mission.

Title: Kilrathi Intrusion
Author: Flyboy

This is the first quest of a series made by me, Flyboy. Please forgive the shortness of the quest, as this is the first real quest that I have made. The player is called upon by the Confederacy for a special mission. This first quest also sets the scene for the rest of the series, which will also be written by me.